A few new minutes of “Nurse Jackie”

Finally, the countdown to Season 2 of Nurse Jackie is into the single digits.

Jackie’s latest adventures start Monday and, from what I’ve seen, her life is more complicated than ever.

We last saw Jackie (Edie Falco) on the hospital floor in a drug-induced, hallucinogenic state. Apparently, no one walked in on her, because this season begins a few months later, with Jackie on a trip of a different kind: to the beach with her family. Here’s a clip of the first few minutes:


Daughter Grace’s anxiety problems are getting worse — and this season sees Jackie having to decide how to deal with them while trying to keep her work life entirely separate from her family life. And don’t forget that Jackie’s lover Eddie (Paul Schulze) now knows about her hubby and kids. He is not about to go away quietly. One of this season’s major conflicts is the growing friendship between Eddie and Jackie’s husband, Kevin (Dominic Fumusa).

Edie Falco talked about some of the new situations facing Jackie this season in this Showtime video.


We’ve already told you about the upcoming lesbian storyline guest starring Julia Ormond — and trust me when I tell you that you are going to be very, very happy about who she dates. Of course, we’ll bring you recaps of the Sapphic-flavored Nurse Jackie episodes when they air in a few weeks.

By the way, Showtime is hosting “Florence Nightengayla” an advance screening of Nurse Jackie, on Sunday, benefiting the Human Rights Campaign. More info and the list of locations is available at the Showtime website.

Are you excited about the new season of Nurse Jackie? Any predictions for how she’ll keep out of trouble this year?