Diane Keaton considers blogging for HBO

Annie Hall blogs! Wait, too old a reference? That lady from the L’Oreal commercials wants to play a Hollywood blogger. Diane Keaton is in talks to take the title role in Tilda, a new comedy for HBO.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the half-hour series is about a “powerful and much-feared Hollywood blogger that is not based on powerful and much-feared Hollywood blogger Nikki Finke.” No, really, it’s not Nikki Finke from Deadline.com. Pay not attention to the fact that they are both “much-feared” and “powerful” and women of a certain age. P.S. Have fun with that when Nikki’s lawyer send you a strongly worded letter, producers.

The series comes from Dreamgirls and Kinsey writer/director Bill Condon and Tell Me You Love Me creator Cynthia Mort. Because all roads lead back to gay, both Condon and Mort are out. Mort, if you recall, was the women for which Jodie Foster reportedly left her longtime partner, Cydney Bernard. Now that’s some juicy gossip worthy a powerful, much-feared Hollywood blogger.

Now, last we heard from Diane, she was in talks to play a Gloria Steinem-type feminist icon who starts a porn magazine, also for HBO. Apparently that project fell through. Though going from porn to blogging is really not that big a leap, I guess. I mean, just look at Chat Roulette.

So what do you think? Would Diane make a good blogger? And what’s the fascination with bloggers all of a sudden? First Summer Glau, now Diane. I think, secretly, they all just want to go to work in their pajamas.