“Nurse Jackie” mini-cap: The proof of the pudding

Who would like to join me for a moment of indignation about this week’s Nurse Jackie?

Those of you without hands raised must not be watching the show. Because, well, damn. I get that the O’Hara/ Khouri storyline is meant to parallel Jackie’s tenuous love life. But Sarah and Eleanor are so darn cute together. Sigh.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Things in Lesbos start out all sunny and happy and aren’t-we-cute at Fiona’s birthday party.

When Sarah takes Eleanor and Jackie to work later, you can almost feel the heat from all the sexy.

Pudding anyone?

Jackie, despite eating painkillers like they’re Skittles, doesn’t miss a thing. So, when Sarah makes a phone call immediately after leaving Eleanor, Jackie is suspicious. But she keeps quiet — for the moment.

Meanwhile, the ER has a new patient: a major hospital donor played by the wonderful Barbara Barrie. She has nothing to do with the lesbian storyline, but I offer this clip as a gift to our UK readers.

We Americans know that we’re total gits sometimes. At least some of us do.

Sarah has a medical need of her own and seeks out Zoey for help.

I must pause here to praise Merritt Wever, who plays Zoey. She is one of the best things about Nurse Jackie every week, but this week she just took over the place. Aweseome.

Anyway, Sarah got bit by a brown recluse spider in Arizona two weeks ago, but didn’t get it treated because Arizona medics are too polite and tan.

Wait — didn’t she just get back to the States from Iraq? Oops. Zoey doesn’t catch it, of course, but a few minutes later, Jackie encounters Sarah on the phone again — telling someone that she’s in Tehran and being a bit too giggly to be talking about work, as she claims.

That’s one lie too many for Jackie and she tells Eleanor that Sarah was being pretty cozy with someone on the phone. Eleanor is not surprised. “One in every port,” she says.

Oh, Dr. O’Hara. You deserve better. You deserve someone like, well, me.

Later, Sarah has to face Jackie to get antibiotic shots for her spider bite. And wisely, Sarah doesn’t lie to her, realizing that she’d best not frak with someone about to inject two syringes into her buttocks.

Jackie really does understand, of course, being in relationships with two people at once herself. And when Sarah says, “It’s not like I don’t love her,” Jackie knows how that can be true.

Non-monogamy is tricky — and I don’t pretend to understand it. But for some people, it works, I guess. The trouble comes when one of the participants decides that she doesn’t want to share any more. And I think that may be the case with Eleanor. We’ll see what happens next episode.

What did you think of Nurse Jackie this week? Can things work when Sarah has “one in every port?”