Hiking with Ariel Schrag

Graphic novelist Ariel Schrag has a new web comic, Ariel and Kevin Invade Everything, which she works on with Kevin Seccia. In one recent panel, she and Kevin "Invade the Hike," so we invited Ariel to join us on our own hike to talk about her new project, working on The L Word and why she is so inspired by Beverly Hills, 90210.

All photos by Lindsey Byrnes

AfterEllen.com: Have you ever made out with a celebrity?
Ariel Schrag:
Ha! Well, I did make out with the very famous celebrity my friend, Kevin Seccia, and the slightly-less famous celebrity Aimee Mann. It was a three-way make out. No parts of our bodies were actually touching. It was more of a lunging at each other with mouths gaping wide open and hovering.

AE: That would make a good comic! You think?
The first three panels would be three separate, closed-eyes-open-mouthed-tongue-lolling faces coming at you saying “Muuaaaaaghghghghg.”

AE: How did you meet Kevin? How did the idea for Invade Everything come about?
We met through Aimee. Kevin is a comedy writer and we really wanted to do a comic together. The idea for Invade Everything came about because we were talking about that book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, where someone took Pride and Prejudice, which is in the public domain, and basically embedded a zombie story into the text.

We thought it would be cool to insert cartoons of ourselves into various movies and TV shows and then that idea expanded into these little episodes of us invading all the various experiences of life. "Ariel and Kevin Invade Comic Con." "Ariel and Kevin Invade Heartbreak." "Ariel and Kevin Invade a Lavish Breakfast." And coming soon: "Ariel and Kevin Invade an L.A. Dyke Club," the night I made Kevin go to the lesbian hellhole that is Booby Trap with me.

AE: Do you think that movie Cocoon is in the public domain? That movie is hella old?
Yeah, I don’t think so.

AE: Well ‘cuz I just had an idea — how about "Kevin and Ariel Invade Cocoon," and you could address your three-way energy transference make-out like the pool scene?
Sounds like you want to be part of a three-way energy transference make-out.