Save Our Show campaign ideas for this season’s bubble shows

If it’s May, that means besides lesbian kisses, shocking deaths and crazy cliffhangers, TV watchers can expect a slew of “Save Our Show” campaigns. While the networks are deciding which bubble shows will return and which will go to that great sofa in the sky, it’s also time for diehard fans to mobilize.

Of course, not all fan campaigns are created equal. Last year the Chuck/Subway campaign helped bring the struggling show back from near-certain death. And this year the prospects look good for another pick-up. So with a little creativity and a lot of fanaticism, you can make a difference. Here’s a rundown of some potential Save Our Show campaigns for this year’s broadcast network shows in danger of cancellation.


V: Photoshop pictures of stars Elizabeth Mitchell and Morena Baccarin in compromising positions together. Promise more where that came from if the show is renewed. Hello, second season.

FlashForward: Send them tapes of all the other shows that have featured pregnant lesbians. Then ask them if they think their little future-glimpsing show is so original. Wait, I think I forgot what we were trying to do here.

Better Off Ted: Two words: weaponized pumpkins.

Happy Town: This show is toast. Send them glowing letters about Amy Acker so she can find a other work pronto.


Accidentally on Purpose: Dharma got knocked up by some 20-something dude and Greg chases serial killers. Oh what a difference eight years makes. Oh, and don’t both trying to save this one; it’s history.

Cold Case: Find the CBS executives names and addresses and then send them fake “Cold Case” files involving their grizzly deaths. Macabre, but effective. Use latex gloves to keep from leaving fingerprints, because I think this might actually be illegal.

Medium: Following on a similarly threatening them, send the executives photos of themselves with the word “I see dead people” written on them. Or, better yet, get Haley Joel Osment to show up at their offices and point randomly at people.

New Adventures of Old Christine: Boxes and boxes of Healthy Choice. That way if the campaign doesn’t work out you’ll still be supporting Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ burgeoning career as a spokesperson.


Human Target: Targets, duh. But secretly don’t we have to question the wisdom of naming your show “Target?”

Lie To Me: Since Jennifer Beals will be going for a Ride-Along next season, I’m kind of at a loss for this show’s selling point. Just send the network copies of Fleetwood Mac’s “Little Lies” and call it a day.


Law & Order: Bring a sound truck outside of NBC headquarters and play the “chung-chung” sound at top volume until they beg for mercy.

Heroes: Save the cheerleader, save the show. Hey, I didn’t say all the campaigns would be 100 percent original.

Mercy: As long as you’ve rented the sound truck, have it play Duffy’s “Mercy” on an endless loop outside as well. Of I can’t really vouch for this tactic’s effectiveness, but at least you’d get to listen to some good music.

So, which show is most in need of saving? And what fan campaigns would you launch to save it? Discuss.