Fox decides to go on a “RideAlong” with Jennifer Beals

Fans dying to see Jennifer Beals strap on a badge and a gun can rejoice: Fox has picked up her new cop series RideAlong.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the series pick up yesterday. The show from The Shield creator Shawn Ryan follows a rogue cowboy cop (Jason Clarke) and the first female police chief (Jennifer) as they try to clean up the corrupt Chicago streets.

The series started filming on location in Chicago early last month. Some set photos have leaked out already. The lady looks good in a trench coat, that’s for sure.

Jennifer, a Chicago native, also spoke with The Chicago Tribune about returning to her roots. Her mom still lives in the city and she spent the first few days back swooning over the architecture. She also told the paper why she was attracted to the role of Teresa:

It’s not something you see very often, on television or in film — a strong female character who’s intelligent, who also has some vulnerability. I think being on The L Word for six years, I got really spoiled, taking [the importance of the female characters] completely for granted.

The show’s supporting cast includes which also stars Delroy Lindo, Matt Lauria, Todd Williams, Billy Lush, Devin Kelly and Manny Montana. Now that the show has been picked up, Chicagoans have a great chance of running into Jennifer on the streets. The series will be filmed entirely in the Windy City. I expect full recon reports from all of you Chi-town ladies (cough Trish cough).

So, are you excited to see Jennifer join the force? Will you be watching?