“All My Children” brings back Bianca but not Eden Riegel

When Eden Riegel left All My Children last year after a storyline that pulled at our heartstrings and messed with our minds, most of us pretty much gave up on Bianca Montgomery. And Riegel’s casting as Heather on The Young and the Restless seemed to seal the deal.

But AMC surprised fans this week by announcing that Bianca is returning to Pine Valley — and that the role has been recast. Christina Bennett Lind will play Erica’s lesbian daughter starting June 14.

While most of Lind’s acting career has been on stage, she is excited about the chance to play Bianca. “I can only hope I do half of what Eden did with the part,” she told TV Guide. “She played it with amazing grace and dignity. Now I need to breathe my own life into it.”

Lind resembles Riegel in more than just looks, according to AMC executive producer Julie Hanan Carruthers. “Eden brought an integrity and honest innocence to the role that was very tough to match. We turned the earth upside going through the candidates. When Christina came in to read for the part she was Bianca. I think it’ll be a very easy transition for the audience.”

Binx returns home when she learns that Erica’s private plane has vanished. She rightly suspects Greenlee of being connected to the disappearance. Reese, however, does not come along, but stays in Paris with the couple’s two kids.

To me, that sounds like a pretty convenient way to de-gay Bianca. We know she would never cheat on Reese, so methinks AMC has found a way to keep the gay away. After the myriad ways the writers have found to screw with Bianca, perhaps that’s just as well.

What do you think of Lind as Bianca? Do you think AMC should’ve let Binx stay in Gay Paree? Or are you happy to see Bianca come home?