“Heroes” gets canceled and leaves Claire and Gretchen in limbo

Remember when we believed that Claire and Gretchen’s brief flirtation on NBC’s Heroes was a sweeps stunt? And we were mad. Then, miraculously, the Claire and Gretchen storyline was resurrected, even in the face of multiple unidentified flying objects and murder attempts. And we were glad. But then the Claire and Gretchen storyline became buried underneath a big pile of dirt — literally. And we were sad. Again.

“Hey, writers. This is college, not junior high. Can we stop ‘holding hands’ and get it on?”

Last month, The Hollywood Reporter indicated that Heroes would most likely be renewed for a fifth season, thereby giving us a glimmer of hope that Claire and Gretchen’s incredibly celibate lesbian relationship would see another day — and become less celibate.

Not so fast.

Ladies, I regret to inform you it’s time to subtract two from the AfterEllen.com TV census, because Heroes is officially dunzo. The Hollywood Reporter announced on Friday that Heroes will not be renewed for a fifth season.

Even though reports are trickling in that NBC is talking to the creators of Heroes about producing a two hour movie to tie up loose ends, I’m not holding my breath. The discussions are still preliminary, and even if such a movie were made, Heroes has more loose ends than a cat infested yarn shop. The development of Claire and Gretchen’s relationship will probably be a very low priority.

So, goodbye Gretchen. Goodbye Claire. Goodbye chaste hand holding. Goodbye pained yet reserved looks of longing, occasionally interrupted by exploding glass. It was nice knowing you.