“United States of Tara” mini-cap: Get real

I was pumped about this week’s United States of Tara when I saw who directed it: Jamie Babbit, the openly lesbian writer/producer whose films include But I’m a Cheerleader and Itty Bitty Titty Committee.

But the excitement lasted exactly four minutes, which is how long the transition took from this:

To this:

Yes, Max and Pammy did the nasty. On a perfectly good pool table, no less. I’m not blaming Babbit — she didn’t write the episode. And from the comments last week, I guess not many of you are surprised. But I’m disappointed, especially given the fact that Pammy announced that she was in love with Buck a few weeks ago.

But the liaison will have consequences, at least where Pammy is concerned. Although she said during the deed that she knew it was just a one-time thing, she called Max later in the episode and wanted to see him. Thank heaven he doesn’t own a bunny rabbit.

Marshall’s foray into the world of amphetamines last week also had some unexpected consequences.

No one can convincingly express rage using French film references like a gay man. But Ted doesn’t stop there.

“Other people are real.” That phrase pretty much sums up society’s attitude toward DID. And it’s the theme of this season of Tara — we never quite know who’s real.

When Marshall gets to school, he and Lionel are called into the office — and Moosh is certain that Ted has reported them.

I can’t wait to see the tasteful, subdued signs they create.

Tara has decided to paint a family portrait, using Hubbard’s office — and Shoshana’s office — as a studio.

I love Shoshana. I also love Fiestaware.

Shoshana and Tara chat about the family and Max, with Shoshana providing an interesting insight.

Her solution is for Tara to let Shoshana show Max her “impeccable bedside manner.” When Max shows up, he resists at first because he and Tara have an agreement that he won’t fool around with the alters. But since Tara gave the OK, he agrees.

When they wake up, Tara is back and tells him that she is fine with him having sex with Shoshana. And when he tells her that he had sex with Pammy, she’s upset less about the cheating than that it’s just one more sign of the distance between the family members. The closing shot says it all.

Next week, in another episode directed by Babbit, Tara sees her mom and asks about the memories she’s been having. We have three episodes left to find out what happened.

What are your thoughts on this week’s United States of Tara?