Goodbye to the many hot women of “Lost”

Did Lost change TV?

Depends on whom you ask, I suppose. If nothing else, the show has redefined “storyline” by throwing in things like sideways world and shapeshifting and Mama Cass. In any case, a lot of complex mysteries remain, with only two hours left this Sunday night to explain them all.

For me, the mystery is a bit simpler: what will happen to all the hot women of Lost? I’m not speaking metaphysically here. I want to see those actresses for the rest of my life. Preferably, in tank tops. is right there with me with its list “The Women of Lost,” ranked by sexiness. I disagree with some of the rankings, of course, but we already know that les/bis have far different standards of hotness than the masses. But since Nerve kindly collected pictures of every woman character on Lost (25 total), the least we can do is take a look.

23. Rose Nadler (L. Scott Caldwell)

Right off the bat, I object to Rose being so far down on the list. Sure, Rose is not a stereotypical “hot babe,” but if you saw the flashback episode about Bernard and Rose’s first meeting, you know she is no wallflower, either. Plus, she is kind and caring — and unwavering in faith in what she knows to be true. That, my friends, is sexy.

16. Achara (Bai Ling)

Unless you are a Lost faithful, you might not remember Achara. She was in the episode about Jack’s tattoo, which Entertainment Weekly named the worst episode in Season 3. Perhaps this ranking is not off by much, since the beauty that is Bai Ling was all but lost in her icky affair with Jack.

14. Ilana Verdansky (Zuleikha Robinson)

A bodyguard who is good with a gun and reads Dostoyevsky? Yes please.

13. Charlotte Staples Lewis (Rebecca Mader)

Quoting Nerve: “You know those Survivor chicks who look hotter all grubby than they do in makeup at the reunion show? Charlotte is the opposite.” Wrong, wrong, wrong. Mud just brings out the blue in the gorgeous British anthropologist’s eyes. Charlotte should be in the top 10.

9. Penelope Widmore Hume (Sonya Walger)

I confess that I loved Penelope at first because I loved Walger’s character Patrice on Sleeper Cell. But the episode focusing on her and Desmond, “Constant,” is one of my favorites and, as Nerve says, Penelope can be my constant whenever she wants.

8. Ana Lucia Cortez (Michelle Rodriguez)

Nerve nailed this one: “There’s definitely something hot about a beautiful woman who could easily kick our ass.” Yep.

4. Claire Littleton (Emilie de Ravin)

The once sweet and innocent Claire has pretty much gone off the rails. But who can blame her, after all she’s been through? I expect redemption for the gorgeous Aussie in the finale. Even insane, though, Claire looks mighty damn good.

3. Sun Kwon (Yunjin Kim)

We thought Sun was so sweet and innocent and felt sorry for her and Jin, trapped on the island, unable to communicate. Then we found out that she had learned to speak English in preparation for leaving her unkind husband. We soon discovered how smart and sexy Sun really is — as did everyone else on the island — and fell in love. Saying goodbye was heartbreaking.

2. Kate Austen (Evangeline Lilly)

Love her or hate her, you have to agree: Kate is a knockout. I’d probably switch her and Sun in my personal ranking, but her fierce loyalty and fresh freckled face make the race neck in neck. Oh, yes. Sun and Kate neck in neck. Sigh.

1. Juliet Burke (Elizabeth Mitchell)

That face — that expression — is enough to make me lose the power of speech. And we all know how she looks in a tank top. If I ever see her in person, I probably will become a blubbering idiot. Won’t that be impressive? Nerve: “Juliet was hotter than an atomic warhead.” No quarrels here.

Take a look at all of the women of Lost here and let us know what you think. Who will you miss the most? Who’s at the top of your Lost lust list?