Help cast a new “Chuck” character we won’t mention in this headline

OK, to avoid any misunderstanding: SPOILER ALERT.

Is that clear enough? This post is based on something that happened in the Chuck season finale so, if you haven’t watched it, STOP READING. Just to make sure no spoilers are above the break, here’s a very nice picture of Agent Sarah Walker. You’re welcome.

Was that a killer finale or what? (No pun intended.) Just when I think Chuck can’t get any better, it twisty-turns and voilà! A new high.

But the reason I called this meeting is to talk about one particular twist at the end of the episode: Chuck’s mom’s back. Literally, we saw Chuck’s mom’s back, which means that the long missing Mommy will be part of next season. And that leaves us with a task: speculating who should play the Bartowski matriarch.

Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello got us started with a few suggestions of his own.

I mostly agree with him, especially on the woman who seems destined for the role.

Lynda Carter is perfect on so many levels: She’s the right age, she looks like she could actually be Ellie and Chuck’s mom and she knows how to rock a skimpy outfit. Plus, having Wonder Woman in the cast would be a nice nod to the legacy of shows such as Chuck. And her geek cred is through the roof.

I also like this pick from Ausiello.

Hello, Angel. We haven’t seen much of Kate Jackson lately — and I sure would like to. She’d be great if Mrs. B. is one of the good guys, but I can’t quite imagine Jackson playing evil. I’m willing to be convinced, however, preferably in person — by Kate.
(Moment of meta: Bruce Boxleitner, who was Scarecrow to Jackson’s Mrs. King, plays Awesome’s father.)

Ausiello’s other three suggestions — Sean Young, Jane Badler and Jamie Lee Curtis — have merit, as he explains, but here are a few alternatives.

Granted, I would cast Sela Ward in any role calling for a gorgeous woman “of a certain age.” Looks-wise, she’s just right. And she can play good girl, bad girl or both in one. Remember Teddy on Sisters? Like that. 

Yeah, Lena Olin would be awesome (not to be confused with Awesome). She was amazing in Alias as a super-spy mom. And I, for one, wouldn’t mind seeing her do it again.

This suggestion is courtesy of Heather Hogan. Although I hadn’t thought of Mary McDonnell, the idea is full of win. As President Roslin, McDonnell could express compassion in the same breath she used to command destruction. And, like Carter, her geek quotient is sky high.

Now that your minds are full of gorgeous older women, let’s hear your thoughts. Who would you cast as Chuck’s mom?