A Quickie with Virginia Awkward

AE: They are! Was it hard getting use to being followed around by a camera crew?
We are always in the public eye, so having to be the followed around wasn’t a big deal.

AE: Memphis is often mentioned on lists of the most dangerous cities in the US. Does your wife, Ashley, ever fear for your safety?
My partner indeed fears for my safety, but she is also well aware that I’m careful and [use] caution. She says she feels confident knowing that my co-workers are there to back me up.

AE: Ashley is a former pro basketball player. What is she doing these days?
She’s currently working at her alma mater, Ole Miss, as an administrative assistant on the women’s basketball staff.

AE: As an out lesbian, do you encounter any problems on the job from fellow officers?
When I first came on the Memphis Police Department and the word got out that I was a lesbian, a lot of people didn’t believe it. Everyone said, “Oh, you’re too pretty to be a lesbian,” as if lesbians are unattractive. I always felt like the statement was crazy.

I have never experienced any problems on the department because of my sexuality. I like to believe that my personality speaks for itself and that it is the more important of the two.