The Weekly Geek: Felicia Day joins “Eureka”

There was plenty of very cool news coming out of Comic-Con last week, but for fans of nerdy girl extraordinaire Felicia Day, it was like Christmas in July.

During the show, the unassuming star of web wonders The Guild and Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog let on that she would be joining the cast of Syfy’s Eureka next season.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the announcement:

Proving that she can have her hand in everything, Felicia Day — web series ("The Guild," "Legend of Neil") as well as "The Guild" comic — crashed Syfy’s Eureka panel on Saturday to announce that she’ll be appearing in 10 episodes of the show.

Fellow comic fan and The Big Bang Theory guest star, Wil Wheaton, also tweeted during the weekend that he’ll be returning to the show later this season. Day, who played Wheaton’s nemesis on The Guild, said she was excited to join the show, possibly as a love interest for Wheaton.

I now have a reason to watch that cursed channel again – I’ve been avoiding it since the epic tragedy that was the premature cancellation of Farscape.

Seriously, this is fantastic news, and not even just for fans of Ms. Day. It proves that a savvy woman can start in the proverbial "trenches" of the web, and through sheer force of talent, hard work, and what must be positively mondo networking skills, make it up to the difficult-to-break-into regular gig on TV. Of course, she’s been in plenty of TV before (including a stint on Buffy), but this is definitely something to get excited about.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that every project she’s been involved with is completely awesome, and of course, extremely nerdy. Nor that she is very easy on the eyes, in the approachable, girl-next-door sort of way.

Day is also going to be in an upcoming Syfy original film called Red, where she’ll reportedly be playing a descendant of Little Red Riding Hood. If it’s anything like other Syfy originals, it will be spectacularly, wonderfully terrible. Check out the trailer for yourself – but the gritty tone, horrible effects, and amazingly cheesy lines are right on par with the usual fare. It’s another reason to end my ban of the channel.

Also completely awesome, though in an entirely different way, is the fact that the creators of indie sci-fi brain-bender Primer have just released their baby for free viewing online. So if you’re broke and need a sci-fi fix (perhaps seeing Inception for the fourth time broke the piggybank?) you should most definitely check it out. Kudos to for including a handy chart for slightly confused time travelers to parse the plot.