Lesbians are on TV, so who is watching?

USA Today‘s Maria Puente has penned two pieces about the abundance of gay storylines currently popping up in Hollywood. With quotes from Queerty.com editor in chief David Hauslaib, GLAAD president Jarrett Barrios, Hollywood publicist Howard Bragman and screenwriter Dustin Lance Black (Milk), you’ll notice that most of the stories have to do with gay men.

The Kids Are All Right is referenced in one of the stories, so there is some discussion on how the film’s lesbian couple makes gay being a “non-issue.” Black notes, “It shows how regular our families are; it goes a long way toward gay and lesbian families introducing ourselves to straight families as not that much different. And unlike in Milk and so many (past) gay movies, the lead characters don’t die.”

It’s worth noting that Puente and her sources don’t mention the decidedly mixed reaction to the film from the lesbian community at large.  And the inclusion of comments from Focus on the Family’s family studies director Glenn Stanton indicates that the article is more concerned with how gay storylines are viewed by straight people.

The TV shows cited are also those that feature more male sexuality-driven storylines: Ugly Betty, Modern Family, Brothers and Sisters among them. The only ones involving lesbians or bisexual women are The Talk and House. There a few shows that have both male and female sexuality storylines grouped together as well (Gossip Girl, United States of Tara, 90210 and Weeds).