11 female TV characters who need their own comic books

When I was writing about our favorite lesbian badasses last week, I started making up stories about them in my head — as you do — and I decided every character on the list should have her own superhero product line. And I also decided that even though they own a large portion of it, queer women don’t have the market cornered on badassery. So while I was researching, I made another list: Straight chicks who need their own comic books. Here are my top eleven.

OK, in the spirit of full disclosure, I only had nine comic book covers, so I Tweeted and asked for suggestions for a tenth. An overwhelming majority of people Tweeted back and suggested Quinn and Rachel from Glee. So I went a-Googling and fell down a friggin rabbit hole. I had no idea, you guys. I had no idea about any of it. The fan art, the fan fic, the Faberry. It’s good to know, though, since I’m going to be recapping Glee this season.


Miranda Bailey may be the fiercest woman on primetime. No, she doesn’t have any weapons — because she doesn’t need any weapons. She will cut you down with her glare.


She’s Katie F–king Fitch. Who the f–k are you?