The Fall TV Preview

It’s that time again! Fall TV season is finally upon us, and we’ve got your one-stop guide to all the lesbian and bisexual characters and actresses who will make appearances on primetime this season. So take a look, and then sit sit back, relax and pass us that popcorn. (Unless you’re planning to watch Jackie Warner or Jillian Michaels, in which case we’ll just share an apple.) 


When: Monday, September 6 (10pm)
Where: Bravo
Why we care: Jackie Warner’s Work Out was our guilty pleasure. We pretended to watch it for traning tips, but we were really in it for Jackie’s dating shenanigans.
The least you need to know: The last time we saw Jackie Warner on Bravo, she was kickboxing atop Sky Sport in the setting Los Angeles sun. She was pissed about a breakup.

America’s Next Top Model

When: Wednesday, September 8 (8pm)
Where: CW
Why we care: Cycle 15 includes lesbian contestant Kayla, a former Hooters waitress.
The least you need to know: Last cycle, a model got knocked off the runway by a giant swinging pendulum. You never know if this will be the season when Tyra’s hijinks actually get somebody killed.


When: Wednesday, September 8 (9pm)
Where: CW
Why we care: Lesbian cheerleader, Patty “The Wedge” Wedgerman.
The least you need to know: Patty is a “ballsy, fearless and cheerfully profane” cheerleader for the Hellcats squad. She’s a great cheerleader, and she’s cute as hell. But maybe she’s just not “Captain” material.