An interview with Laurel Holloman

“Maybe there will be an L Word movie. I keep hearing that they’re trying. I’m totally open to doing that.” And there you have it: Laurel Holloman says she’s in to reprise her role as Tina Kennard if Ilene Chaiken’s groundbreaking series were to make it to the big screen.

As for life after Tina, Holloman’s tim — save for a few months last spring when she reteamed with Angela Robinson and Jamie Babbit (and Meryl Streep’s daughter) on Teen Nick’s Gigantic — has been filled mostly with exploring her other artistic talent, painting. caught up with Laurel Holloman as she packed up her New York loft and headed back to L.A. for the Emmys to discuss life after The L Word finding balance between painting and acting and yes, her thoughts on who killed Jenny. Looking back, were you happy with how The L Word ended?
Laurel Holloman:
I’ve never seen the episode. I know I’ll watch it one day, but I thought it would make me sad so I didn’t watch it. [Laughs] I enjoyed shooting it because that was it; it was so emotional and it was really, really sad.

The whole sixth season I felt a like mentally I was moving on, so I tried to stay true to the character and have some really lovely moments between Bette and Tina. I don’t know how I feel about the “Who killed Jenny Schecter?” story. I’m going to go with no comment! [Laughs] I was sad that a lot of the fans were disappointed; I wish that we could have gone out in a different way.

[Not watching the finale] wasn’t an intentional thing; I just got busy in my life and realized that I never sat down and watched the end. Maybe now I’ll watch because it’d be so easy to, but I just haven’t done it.

AE: If the show were to have continued, where would Bette and Tina be a year and a half later?
That’s a great question. I think they’re together, stronger and have that balance that they needed in the relationship. I’m a hopeless romantic, so I’d like to think that they’re doing well.