“Weeds” mini-cap: Don’t let the hairy legs fool you

Oh, Weeds. Your new season shows so much promise. But I have to tell you, I need a payoff — and I need it soon.

This week’s episode, “Bliss,” had a few bright moments, to be sure. This was the episode that we told you about in which Nancy/Nathalie makes an indecent proposal to Linda in an attempt to get “shake” for her hash. (I always thought the trimmings were called “flarf.” I love educational programming.)

I searched everywhere for an extended clip (of the legal variety) of that scene, but suffice it to say that Nancy made the offer twice. But Linda wasn’t going there — or, more precisely, letting Nancy go there. “Don’t let the hairy legs fool you,” Linda said. “This is a capitalist enterprise.”

Nancy is accustomed to using her hotness to get what she wants, so Linda is a challenge for her. Women aren’t quite so easy to manipulate (although I would be willing to let MLP use her persuasive skills with me any time). As Nancy aptly puts it, “Men are the Monday crossword; women … we’re Sunday.”

The scenes with Linda Hamilton are way too short. I’m not sure why Weeds’ creators haven’t made more of Linda (the character’s name, too, btw), since the interaction between Linda and Nancy is ripe for comedy, as is the lesbian household. As things stand, Linda’s partner Fiona is just annoying and son Kish is a terror. But tidbits like calling time-out the “contemplation corner” and begging fast-food places for used vegetable oil to fuel their van prove that the writers could turn this two-mommy family into comedy gold.

Other happenings this week:

Shane/Shawn bonds with a group of mommies (including the one from whom he stole the high-end stroller) at the park with a story about how Stevie/Avi is his child with a girl who died in Iraq. One of the moms, however, has connections with the feds and busts him for lying — and threatens to call CPS. I think I would’ve threatened a lot more if a teenage boy had asked me if I’d been doing my Kegel exercises.

Silas/Mike goes looking for sex to clear his mind of that whole reading in his underwear to a creepy guy thing and finds a very special girl with vajazzling that cuts his lip. (I’m not sure why he was so eager for the big F after that. Yikes.) Vajazzling is a real thing, which makes me fear for our future. It also tempts me to make a joke about adult circumcision.

Andy/Randy gets promoted from dishwasher to sous chef (his “Eat, Pray, Love moment”), which is unlikely but necessary to the plot. Now that Andy has access to top quality used veggie oil, Nancy has goods to barter for hash fixins. Fuel for flarf, as it were.

The barter arrangement seems perfect and Nancy and Andy happily leave Linda’s with several trash bags o’ shake, only to face two cops waiting outside.

Maybe the police encounter will “shake” things up enough to move the story along, but I’m getting a bit tired of Nancy making the same bad choices over and over. And I’m very ready for Doug to be back with the Botwins, er, Newmans to inject some much-needed goofiness into the proceedings.

What do you think? Are you happy with Weeds so far this season?