TV Alert: “The Good Wife” returns to CBS



The wait is over, my friends: The Good Wife is back in your life starting tonight at 10:00pm sharp on CBS. You bet that means more of Alicia Florrick (Juliana Margulies) brooding, half-smiling, and lip-pursing her way to all-around amazingness every single week.

You bet that also means the return of Archie Panjabi’s Emmy-winning performance as sexually fluid Kalinda Sharma, hopefully in even more leather and with more ass-kicking tendencies that defy both the law of justice and the laws of nature.

To get you pumped for the premiere tonight before you scramble to procure materials to transform into your favorite Good Wife character – unless you’re dressing as Kalinda, in which case her wardrobe most likely resembles yours, but how about living a little and donning an ankle bracelet a la Peter Florrick to show you’re really a fan – we count down the top five reasons to tune in for the second season of one of the best shows on TV.

5. Christine Baranski as Diane Lockhart

At 58, Christine Baranski  rebukes idiotic ideas about women losing their sex appeal as they age, and adds to the firm an aura of sophistication, class and elegance as partner Diane Lockhart. Her character is a no-nonsense veteran of outshining the boys’ club, whose skill and subtlety in the courtroom is unmatched by any other lawyer on the show.

4. Garage doors

The season finale left queer gals lightheaded and smitten when FBI agent Lana confronted Kalinda about her make-out sessions with Detective Anthony Burton, complete with stalker-esque – I mean, official FBI business-like – photo documentation. Kalinda reasoned that she was probably just “confused,” before we cut to a below-the-knee shot of Kalinda’s stiletto boots moving toward Lana’s pumps, implying that Kalinda started to think clearly again and made a move on the FBI hottie. Fantasizing about the scene was fun, but let’s hope that this season, we’ll have some visuals to go along with the speculation of what goes on behind closed storage unit garage doors.

3. Eyebrows

That Alicia can dismantle the opposing case with the raise of one perfectly shaped eyebrow is unreal. Alicia’s stone-cold stoic and unwavering presence before the bench is the reason why she’s vaporized the pervasive machismo of Chicago legal bullies – no calculating state attorney stands a chance against the lethality that is Alicia’s eyebrows.

2. A possible Lili Taylor/Archie Panjabi pair-up

We’re still recovering from the stack overflow induced by the possibility of Lili Taylor playing a “romantic foil” for Ms. Sharma, but once we reboot, let’s consider the options. Kalinda has already dabbled with cops and FBI agents, so who could Taylor’s character be? A CIA agent? Bailiff? Stenographer? Or maybe the writers will throw us a curveball and make Taylor’s character a kindergarten schoolteacher. That could be kinda hot. Regardless, anything involving Kalinda is equal parts sexy and bad-ass, which is one of the reasons why the show keeps getting better and better.

1. Teamwork

Alicia Florrick + Kalinda Sharma = total world domination. Alicia’s legal genius and courtroom prowess coupled with Kalinda’s insane attention to detail, super-human intelligence, and disregard for the rules comprise the most fatal combination in the courtroom and life in general. Watching the two work side-by-side to crack the toughest of cases, bicker, and then take a few shots to relax after a job well done, is pure TV gold.

Those are the reasons we’ll be tuning in again – what are yours?