Margaret Cho on “Dancing With the Stars”: Week 3

Margaret Cho is quickly getting the hang of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. After injecting her Week 1 performance with her trademark comedy, Cho dropped the funny business for her Jive performance to Blondie’s “Dreaming” in Week 2 and saw a modest uptick in the judges’ scores. This week, we checked in with Cho about Sarah Palin’s appearance, Jennifer Grey’s scores and the special story she has planned for her Week 3 dance. How was having Sarah Palin around this week? What did you talk about when/if you met her?
Margaret Cho:
I never got to meet her, but she waved at me and Louis when we were on stage, so she was cheering us on, which I thought was really great. I thought it was cool that she came. My mom was there, too, but this didn’t get that much attention. Frankly I think my mom is just as important even though she has never run for office — although I really think that she should!

AE: What’d you think of the whole “boo-gate” where people thought Sarah Palin was being booed? Was she booed or was it a reaction to Jennifer Grey’s scores?
I think it really was a reaction to Jennifer’s scores. Jennifer dances so beautifully; she should get 10s every time. And Sarah Palin was there the entire time, so why would the audience boo then? It wasn’t like she had made an entrance or anything. The audience totally loves Jennifer and (partner) Derek (Hough) and so I am sure it was just about their low scores, which weren’t really low. I would have been totally happy with them!

AE: How has juggling your Cho Dependent tour with Dancing rehearsals been going?
It’s been really hard, but then again it is nice to be on tour with Louis. He has been coming on stage with me and everyone loves it. I love hanging out with him on the tour bus and backstage in different cities all over the place. He is the best guy. Also, everyone in the cast is sick — it’s like “Dancing With the SARS” so at least we are away from all the illness. Frankly I think it’s just another strategy like biological warfare. People are resorting to chemical weapons.

AE: Would you ever dance to your Cho Dependent song “Lesbian Escalation”?
Absolutely! That’s such a good song. I am not sure what dance goes with it. Maybe a Quickstep?

AE: Any shot we’ll see you dance with a woman this season on Dancing?
I would love to! The women on the show are so gorgeous. I think Cheryl (Burke) is my favorite. She is a badass dancer and also a great person. And she is Asian!

AE: Did you hear from your pal Debbie Harry after your “Dreaming” performance last week?
I haven’t yet but I really hope she loves it. I was dancing my heart out because I love that song and I love Debbie so much.

AE: For Week 3, you have to tell a story with your dance. What story will you be telling?
We are doing a story all about the end of discrimination. It’s really my story. When I did All American Girl I was told I was too fat to play the role of myself, and so we are dancing the story of a girl who feels beautiful for the first time in her life — letting go of self-hatred and discrimination — ending the hatred within. It’s about coming out as beautiful, coming out as gay, coming out as ourselves. I am so thrilled about it!

AE: What type of dance will you be doing and to what song?
We are dancing a spectacular samba to “Copacabana.” It’s so perfect!

AE: Thoughts on Michael Bolton’s departure?

I was sad because Michael Bolton was my buddy and we are both on tour through this entire experience and living the same life. He’s an icon and a music legend and an amazingly fun and funny guy. I will miss him!

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