First look at Lili Taylor on “The Good Wife” has released a photo of The Good WIfe‘s Kalinda and a new personal investigator played by Lili Taylor. They also gave us some more insight into their possible sexual/romantic past together, which could also include a sexual/romantic present or future.

“Kalinda worries her past will be used against her by a competing investigator,” explains executive producer Robert King, “and has to convince [Taylor] to not expose confidential information.”

Might said confidential information involve a romantic history between the two? Teases King: “That is for viewers to find out.”

And our own Lesley Goldberg tried to get some scoop out of Archie Panjabi on the red carpet at the Emmys this year, but she didn’t divulge too much, either.

“Normally I get to know my characters extremely well. Kalinda doesn’t seem to open up to me, either. So I’m as taken back by her mystery as the audience is and her sexuality is one thing I still haven’t figured out. When she does confess to me I will certainly reveal it.”

Unfortunately, we won’t know a thing until Lili makes her debut in November. At any rate, I like where it’s headed and I’m hoping for more Kalinda action in this week’s episode as opposed to her few lines in last week’s second season premiere.

An actual lesbian-ish storyline that has nothing to do with Sweeps week or pregnancy? I must be dreaming! I still could be.