“Weeds” mini-cap: It’s better with butter

Is anybody out there still watching Weeds? The lesbians are gone, but we still see Mary-Louise Parker in various states of undress. Is that enough?

Who knew that Judah Botwin designed roller coasters? Sure, it’s fodder for symbolic humor about the Botwins: ups and downs, twists and turns, stomach-wrenching falls, etc. Enough.

Daddy Botwin’s career serves as a reason for Nancy to take her brood to a Montana Big Sky State Fair. The family reminisces about dear dead Dad for a while and, you know, they almost seem like a real family.

Andy, who is now in charge of keeping the family off the grid and out of trouble, reluctantly agrees to let them mingle with the public for a couple of hours. They soon see that the fair not only holds the possibility of a good time, but a new home.

You know, for a mama lion, Nancy seems a little too willing to leave her cub with a turkey. No offense to turkeys.

The butter sculpture contest turns out to be a “we make ‘em, you eat ‘em” affair, in which the contestants have to consume butter busts of Montana’s most famous sons and daughters.

Mmm. I’m not sure a 30-pond hunk of butter would satisfy the munchies, but Andy and Silas gear up for the contest in the only way they know.

Silas packs away most of Butter Joe Montana to win the contest. Unfortunately, claiming the mobile home requires Social Security numbers and other information that has to be verified for tax purposes. Poor Silas. All he wants is to be normal.

Meanwhile, Nancy attempts to get Shane to let loose a little, but the real bonding happens when the two of them start a riot at the roller coaster. The good news is that we get to see Shane smile again. He may be a cold-hearted killer, but he’s still a kid.

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