“Pretty Little Liars” will be a little bumpy for Emily and Maya

Some casting news has been coming in from the set of Pretty Little Liars. When I heard Alona Tal (Veronica Mars) was heading to the show to “create some friction” and “stir things up a bit,” my initial thought was: “Please — not for Emily!”

Rest assured, Emily and Naya fans: Show creator Marlene King says, “Alona will not be a love interest for Emily.” Phew! OK good, because that could be worrisome.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t all: “But I can tell you there are a few bumps in the road for Emily and Maya,” Marlene added. Crap, well I guess it’s all the drama you can hope for in a teen lesbian relationship.

The show is also looking for a deaf actress to play the part of Daphne. Here’s the casting call post:

Smart, confident, and well-adjusted Daphne is stunned to learn that she and Bay Kennish were accidentally switched at birth 15 years ago. Having grown up in a working-class household as the only child of a single mom, she is excited to meet her new parents, and especially thrilled at the idea of having brothers and a dad. But balancing two families is trickier than she expected, particularly because her biological parents have never been around anyone deaf, and are eager for her to enter a mainstream school and a less deaf-centric world.

In other related news, Bianca Lawson appeared on last night’s Nikita. Unfortunately, she won’t be back. (If you saw it, you know what I mean.)

And while there doesn’t seem to be any set photos with Emily and Maya just yet, there are a few Twitpics coming from Shay Mitchell and her other co-stars. Enjoy!

Are you psyched on the return of PLL?