“Thintervention” recap 1.6: Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like Jackie?

Last night was Monday, so that means staying up late to watch Thintervention and lamenting over the fact that, once again, I haven’t gotten my pancake tush to the gym in practically three weeks. Seriously, I need Jackie Warner to come up in here with her plaid shirt and skinny jeans telling me what to do — even if it means putting down this delicious cocktail I just created (high quality silver tequila, fresh grapefruit juice and a little diet sprite). Let’s see what the participants are up to this week!

Apparently, Jackie has finally had enough (again) and is ready to make them work for it! (Again.)

First we check in with Mandy who is housing our darling wino, Nikki. As per usual, Mandy already has a nice spread of food laid out and ready for their after-workout meal.

Jeana sits down with Bryan and hottie Miguel and explains that she does everything in moderation and doesn’t understand why she isn’t losing weight. She just eats too much – I mean what’s the deal? Oh Jeana, it’s a good thing someone married you for your looks and then had to pay up that alimony.

The first workout of the week has arrived and Jackie is committed to making these suckers work so hard — even all of their extra-curricular chowing will be accounted for.

Jackie Wisdom: Everyone wants to be sexy.

Jackie, honey, I’d settle for “not cringe-worthy” at this point.

The next two weeks are apparently about losing fifteen pounds and getting the legs, arms and abs all sexy-like.

This makes Nikki cry and Joe says he is finally seeing some real emotion from her – not that we care what Joe thinks.