Female Character Flow Chart: Where are the lesbians?

Yesterday I stumbled across at infographic at overthinkingit.com that filled me with delight and pure, unadulterated envy — in a "that is exactly the kind of thing I never knew I always wanted to look at" and "why didn’t I think of that" kind of way. Simultaneously.

Overthing It has written some fascinating articles this year about why strong female characters bad for women and whether or not male characters and more likable than female characters, and I’m sure (like a lot of other women) they would have plenty to say about Aaron Sorkin‘s portrayal of women in The Social Network.

But this infographic post is stellar because she doesn’t have to address movies like The Social Network individually. She has compiled an impressive list of story tropes involving nearly every kind of female character, all with an eye for answering one question: Have you created/are you watching a strong female character?

Here are the criteria: Can she carry her own story? Is she three dimensional? Does she represent an idea? Does she have any flaws? Is she killed before the third act? If she lives, is flawed and represents an idea in a three dimensional way, she’s a strong character. If not, she’s one of the million other tropes Overthinking It mapped out.

This is pretty interesting too:

When you get to the “love interests” section of this chart, be aware that it refers primarily to heterosexual relationships. It’s not that I’m trying to be heteronormative; it’s that, hey, we’re talking about modern pop culture here. How often do you see homosexual rom/coms or long-term lesbian relationships on TV or in the movies? (Porn doesn’t count.)

You don’t have to tell us, sister.

Click through and check out the full chart. It’s funny and eye-opening and visually delicious!