Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap — Episode One

Tess is getting ready for an audition but thinks that everything she tries on looks rubbish.  Ed, Cat’s brother and Tess’s friend is lying on the couch watching her.

Sarah: That sounds creepy the way you’ve written it and it isn’t.
Lee: Okay what about …

Ed, Cat’s brother is lying on the couch watching her, but not in a creepy way

Sarah: That’s better. He is clearly in love with her. It’s just not creepy. It would only be creepy if while watching her he was trying to touch his …
Lee: OKAY! It’s not creepy.

Ed is a struggling writer, terminally single and admits he uses the dentist as an opportunity to pull. Tess says he is attractive and Ed looks like he has just had an orgasm – but not in a creepy way.

Tess suddenly realises she has the perfect red satin audition dress but it’s at her ex-girlfriend Facebook-Chloe’s house and she must go get it and Ed must help her. All circumstances are set for this to be a disaster.

Tess and Ed are in the rain doing some sort of weird power walking. When they get there Tess tells Ed that she had to give her keys back to facebook-Chloe so they are going through the back window. Ed does not look best pleased, but because he is totally in love with Tess, in a non-creepy way, he gives in and gives her a punt up through the window before following suit.

Frankie is walking down a place called Mitchell Lane looking up at a building.

Sarah: I love the camera work here. It’s quite This Life-y. It’s obvious they’ve got no budget but it looks really good
Lee: Sometimes cheap isn’t nasty.
Sarah: Like fish fingers.
Lee: And baked beans.

Frankie is looking up at the window of Cat’s office. And luckily Cat has some photocopying needs at a photocopier underneath the very window that Frankie is looking at, at that very moment.

Jay comes over to talk to Cat at work and is over-aggressive about his excitement for her date.  He does a really odd but impressive growl and offers to go instead if Cat isn’t up for it. Just then Cat looks down and sees Frankie smoking outside. Frankie gives a slightly unsure smile and Cat looks like she might faint onto the photocopier. Frankie looks upset that Cat didn’t give her a wave — really love, what did you expect?  You can’t just turn up and stare up at someone at their work after two years like you’ve just popped out to get a pint of milk.

Tess and Ed are now fully fledged burglars and Tess is searching through Facebook-Chloe’s stuff. She finds contact lenses by the bed but Chloe doesn’t wear contact lenses — it’s always the little things that tell the bigger story. She then finds a bra and Chloe isn’t a D Cup.

Tess: Do you think she’s seeing someone else?

Lee & Sarah: No s–t, Sherlock.

Sarah: This bedroom is too tidy. Whose bedroom would only have a lonely old bra and some contact lenses for proof of life?