Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap — Episode One

Frankie arrives at the funeral home, and as she signs in the receptionist remarks on liking her tattoos in a most inappropriate tone. Really? You’d hit on someone in a funeral parlour? Surely this woman knows that Frankie can only be here to grieve so this is not a time to raise one eyebrow and ask in an offering way “If there is anything else I can help you with …”

Lou goes and hangs about with Ed and Tess. Tears have gone and she is now grinning insanely at Tess and laughing at her funny ways. Poor old Ed seems a little on the sidelines so Tess tries to reel him into the conversation but Lou Foster is focused on just giving Tess flattering comments.

Ed tells Tess she is onto a winner with Lou Foster but Tess thinks that Lou’s cardigan could only be worn by a straight girl.

Frankie is crying over her dead aunt’s corpse when her Uncle and cousin Karen walk in.

The uncle is very angry and not at all welcoming of her presence and asks her what’s she’s doing there. Frankie’s tears have dried and her armour has clicked back into place:

Frankie: Well I saw a funeral home and I thought, I wonder if anyone I know has died.

This family have not been reunited in a while and all is not quite little house of the Prairie. Frankie asks if they knew what dead aunt Carol wanted to tell her — and eye-spy Cousin Karen looking a bit shifty in the background. Uncle Angry suggests that dead Aunt Carol was a bit unhinged and tells Frankie to get on her bike. Frankie goes and cries in the toilets.

Lee: Poor Frankie crying in the toilets, I’m starting to “get” her and feel bad for her now.
Sarah: But this is what happens with girls like Frankie, she flashes out a bit of emotion and admirers start to think that they can save her.

On that note, Cat arrives and Frankie tells her to stop being a stalker. Cat tells her to be nice or else she’s leaving. Well played Cat; they head outside together.

Its home-time at the Ki-wizz promotion stand and Lou rushes over to Tess and Ed who are talking curry and wine.  Lou wants to get involved and poor old Ed knows that he will be the third wheel if they all go so makes an excuse about something or another and steps aside like a true selfless straight boy with a heart-wrenching crush on a lezzer. Lou is cockahoop and grabs Tess’ hand and tells her she knows a bar they can go to … feisty one.