Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap — Episode One

Outside, underneath a bandstand with a breast-shaped roof, Cat tells Frankie she’s sorry about her aunt and Frankie asks her to come to the funeral.

Cat’s moral compass seems to make her accept. They discuss what the devil it could be that dead Aunt Carol wanted to say to Frankie. This leads them to reminisce and laugh at times of old when they got stoned as teenagers.

Frankie: It’s good to see you, I really missed you.
Cat:  I missed you too.

This is a touching moment and we can see some of the love that might have been shared by these two previously, but then Frankie goes and spoils it all by doing something stupid like trying to go in for a lip-smacker.

Cat is appalled and reminds Frankie once again that that she just left her for the Big Apple and only called three weeks later. She gets up and heads off distressed at how selfish and moronic the love of her life is. Frankie is also distressed by Cat leaving and possibly what a total moron she is and so strikes a lesbian pose. Which is pleasing to the eye.