Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap — Episode One

Lou Foster and Tess are sitting at a bar discussing their careers. The glasses are a bit empty so something needs to happen. Tess offers Lou Foster another drink, but like an awkward teenager trying out her luck, Lou Foster suggests they go back to hers. Tess seems a bit bowled over but is more than willing to take it on.

Oh deary, with the rejection of Cat ringing in her ears, Frankie has headed back to the funeral home. She has clearly thought of something the receptionist can help her with. 

And would you Adam and Eve it, Cat has had another purse mishap — maybe she should tie it round her neck — she also heads back to the Funeral home. This could all end in tears.

Lou is pouring Tess and herself a mighty sized glass of wine, while Tess is distracted by the wonderful capabilities of a toy talking robot. Lou lunges like a cat onto Tess and grabs her face.

Lou: I’ve wanted to kiss a girl forever and you’re gorgeous.

Lamps go flying, robots get stamped on; this is a very passionate Lou Foster. The Roxanne McKee fan club on Twitter are right now having the time of their lives.

Cat enters a darkened Funeral Home and latches onto noises in the distance. She witnesses Frankie fingering the helpful receptionist right next to a corpse in a coffin.

Lee: Oh my eyes, is that dead Aunt Carol in the coffin?
Sarah: No, it’s a dead man but this is truly a horrid display.

Frankie: (about the corpse) I bet he thinks he’s died and gone to heaven.

That’s one f–ked up perspective on the situation.

Well, any chance of another wonderful Cat and Frankie moment reminiscent of the one under the breast-shaped roof seems unlikely now.