“Rizzoli & Isles” Retro Subtext Recap (1.02): Three strikes, you’re gay

Back at the station, Boston Police Department’s architecture has magically gotten a retrofit. Instead of the modern, blocky building from the pilot episode, we see the old-school, brick headquarters from the infamous finale exit. See what I was saying about noticing strange stuff?

Inside, more discussion of “juice” than I care to think about occurs as Det. Korsak complains about being passed over for sergeant for lacking it and New Kid on the Homicide Block Joey Grant gets promoted to lieutenant in homicide for having lots of it. Ewww.

She still hates him for cheating off her catechism test when they were kids, and something involving a duck. He thinks she’ll never get ahead because she can’t get along with people. I think a Dr. Maura Isles would beg to differ with that last statement. He also says he’ll barely have time for a cup of coffee before he is promoted again. Make it a small cup of coffee, like an espresso.

Down in the morgue, Maura and Jane discuss the victim’s strangulation. Maura says she knows why Jane and Lt. New Kids can’t get along, because they like each other. Then she cracks up at the very thought of her own suggestion. Also hilarious, Grant used to call Jane “frogface.” So let’s add “blind” to his list of undesirable character traits along with “cocky” and “brown noser.”