Lindsey Shaw joins “Pretty Little Liars,” aims to take Emily down

Fans of the now cancelled 10 Things I Hate About You will love this news: Lindsey Shaw (Kat from the late ABC Family series) is joining the cast of Pretty Little Liars. She’ll play Paige McCullers, “an overly competitive rival of Emily who tries to take down this Pretty Little Liar on her way to aquatic glory.”

Interesting! As to how Emily’s sexuality fits in, I can only imagine that Paige might find out about Emily’s relationship with Maya and try to use it against her. Could that be the “bump” in their relationship that creator Marlene King mentioned to us last week?

But maybe Emily’s sexuality won’t be an issue at all, and Paige will be more interested in psyching her out in the swimming pool. At any rate, these women will likely be donning suits in at least two episodes, as that’s all Lindsey is confirmed for at this time.

Pretty Little Liars returns to TV on Jan. 3, but if anyone is wondering, I’m ready for it to return now. And good news for those in the UK: The show will begin airing on VIVA on Oct. 21.