A first look at a red-haired Katee Sackhoff on “CSI”

If you ever wondered what Starbuck would look like with a badge, a Glock and a head full of red hair, today is your lucky day. The first images of Katee Sackhoff in her new recurring role on CSI have been released.

Katee will play Detective Frankie Reed. So she has a tomboyish first name and is described as “tough” and “smart.” What’s the pinging sound? Anyone else? It’s like some sort of specialized radar is going off. Seriously, I can’t be the only one hearing it. Well, how about if I show you this.

Yeah, now it’s like a four-alarm fire up in here. I totally see the tough; I mean that dude is almost twice her size. Looks like Sara Sidle is impressed, too. And the shipping begins now. Fidle? Seed?

Or, if you want a ginger explosion, feel free to ship Frankie with Catherine Willows. Just think of it, red hair everywhere. Frankie will make her first appearance in the Oct. 28 episode, titled “Cold-Blooded.” The team investigates the murder of a college student and Frankie helps them with a missing person case.

So, what do you think? Dig the fiery red hair? Dig the bad-ass attitude? You got me again, CSI. I’ll be watching.