The CW decides Nikita needs a man

Are you watching Nikita?

According to Entertainment Weekly, CW execs wish more of you were. Even though Nikita has been keeping 94 percent of lead-in Vampire Diaries’ audience, those watching aren’t the network’s core audience of 18-34 year old women. More than half of that group changes the channel after Diaries. (Not surprisingly, Nikita is doing great with straight men over 40.)

Network executives have been exercising their collective brainpower to come up with the perfect way to “tweak” Nikita to give it more appeal to its target. Their brilliant idea? Give Nikita (Maggie Q) a boyfriend. Sigh.

A “clean-cut, all-American CIA case officer” is joining the cast to be a love interest for Nikita. That’s too bad for those of us who hoped that Nikita and Alex would turn out to be more than friends.

We will, however, learn why Alex and Nikita have such a strong connection. According to Lyndsy Fonseca, who plays Alex, the series also will explore her character in more depth, as she succeeds in the Division.

“Alex also climbs higher and higher up the Division totem pole,” she told Contra Costa Times. “And we’ve got surprises packed into every episode.”

Fonseca also revealed that she enjoys playing Alex because she is such a complex character.

“I love the fact that she has so many sides to her. In flashbacks, you see the broken child living through some really dark stuff. Then in the present you see the determined fighter. There’s a lot of toughness to her, but also a lot of vulnerability. I’m never bored with Alex.”

Nikita airs on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. EST. It’s a tough time slot, to be sure, but let’s hope CW will give it a chance to succeed.

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