What’s a lesbian to do with nearly naked photos of Lea Michele and Dianna Agron?

When Trish Bendix suggested that we write about GQ‘s Glee photoshoot, my only real thought was, "Someone needs to Photoshop Cory Monteith off of that cover right this second!" And so I hopped to it — and while I spent the morning erasing his hands from Lea Michele and Dianna Agron‘s asses, the internet exploded like a slushie on the face of a kid from New Directions.

Over at Oh No They Didn’t — the source of the magazine scans — the comment explosion went down like this:

I find this to be completely inappropriate and unnecessary softcore porn, and it’s going to taint my future viewings. Thanks a lot, guys.

Lea! Unf!

These are really awkward. You’ve got Cory Monteith looking like a giant goofball and then Lea and Dianna all, "Teehee, I’m just an innocent schoolgirl (in mah panties)."

Um. So okay. That’s … um. I’M UNCOMFORTABLE

Dianna is flawless. Manages to keep it classy while looking hot, and you can tell she’s uncomfortable. Lea, though: girl, you look way too excited for this.

Ugh, sometimes I get so tired of Terry Richardson’s whole depraved-looking-slutty-girls schtick. He can be a good photographer but he’s such a one trick pony.

OMG not even Terry Richardson can make Dianna look raunchy.

Dorothy Snarker had some feelings, too — much more eloquent than the ones at ONTD.

But, doesn’t it look underage? And isn’t that the nod and wink they’re trying to convey by it being set in a high school. Of course, it’s no surprise the shot was done by perennially plaid-shirted and bespectacled hipster photographer Terry Richardson. He gives almost all his shoots an uncomfortable, bad 70s porn feel. But what is supposed to be hot here is just, well, creepy.

I actually started feeling really guilty when I took a break from running my mouse over Lea’s pantie line (to erase the hands!) because I wasn’t offended on any level when I saw the GQ photos. I didn’t have any objections to the lollipop or the lockers or the pom-poms or the bras. Maybe I’m desensitized to these kinds of photos because I spend half my life writing stories just like this one. Or maybe I’m a bad feminist. Or maybe so many people have sent me links to so much Glee fan fiction that the show never made it past "music-fueled orgy" in my mind, and this just plays right into that.

What’s a lesbian to do with photos like these? I mean, we drool over it when it’s Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page. We lose our minds over it when it’s Blake Lively and Leighton Meester. Where’s the line between "admiring the female form" and "objectifying women."

Dorothy Snarker said she was mostly outraged because Monteith is fully clothed while Lea and Diana are scantily clad. So, if that’s your objection, here’s a present for you.

What do you think of the GQ photoshoot?