“Coronation Street” recap: Lezzer umbrella (ella, ella)

Last time: Sophie and Sian lied about going to Southpaw so they could sneak off to a music festival in Leeds. Sally found out, grounded Sophie, and released Sian into the wild, to be raised by a pack of roguish wolves.

This time: Sian sneaks up on Sophie while she arranges flowers at the shop, all, "Oi! Flower Girl!" Sophie freaks out because of how her mother forbade them to see each other. Sian expresses her indignation with a growl and a whimper and the cutest pouting face you ever did see. Basically Sian says it’s stupid that they can’t see one another and that Sophie should risk it because even if her mum and dad find out, what are they going to do? Ground her for another forever? When Sophie says she can’t disobey them, Sian says she’s come up with the perfect cover: church choir.

Sophie is reluctant, but eventually agrees to the plan, because — in case you hadn’t noticed — she is actually physically incapable of saying no to Sian.

They watch a straight couple kiss across the road and wish it could be that easy for them. (You guys! It will be that easy for you one day! Because of you! Because you’re on TV every day being normal and gay and everyone who is watching you is learning that being gay is normal. And sweet. And warm. And they’re rooting for you! And that matters!)

Sophie asks her mum if she can join the choir and Sally is so chuffed when Sophie says the pastor rang and personally invited Sophie (lies!) that she clasps her hands and talks about how proud she is that Sophie is learning something from her punishment (lies!). She walks Sophie to the bus stop and says she can really trust Sophie now (lies!) because she’s not seeing Sian (lies!) and that means she’s like a certified grown-up (lies!).