“Weeds” mini-cap: Rhyme butchers

Drug dealers must have a sixth sense about where to find what they need.

Have you ever seen a pickup truck full of marijuana trimmings? I sure haven’t – and I live in a very, um, fertile neighborhood. Yet, the Botwins, on the run in the PraiseWagon, stop at a random park in Colorado and find a pot dealer about to discard his leftovers — and they’re back in the hash business.

The theme of this week’s episode of Weeds is responsibility — except in the case of Doug, who happily has none. The family stops in Aspen because Avi’s poo has a radioactive green tint — a surprise to Nancy since Shane always changes the baby’s diaper — and she wants to take him to the doctor, stat.

On the way, Andy and Nancy drop Doug, Silas and Shane off at an outdoor concert theater to sell hash. Nancy puts Silas in charge and instructs Doug to stay in his tent. The kids’ concert turns out to be the perfect setting for selling hash to harried parents. But Shane rebels against Silas’ being “in charge,” so Silas sets out to teach his brother a lesson in being a responsible drug dealer. Hey, it’s more than Nancy has taught him.

Doug, meanwhile, sets up a hash tent, complete with a multi-pronged hookah named Medusa. The animal-costumed band members relax between sets in what looks a bit like Half-Baked 2: The Furries.

I’m glad Doug is back.

At the pediatrician, Andy gets a dose of reality when he realizes that Nancy doesn’t consider him a permanent “dad” to Avi. But the conversation about his place in the family’s life is cut short by a sort of Amber Alert message on the waiting room TV.

Before they can make a break for it, Nancy and Avi are called into the doctor’s office. The more the doc talks, the more Nancy realizes how little she knows about her baby.

We then catch up on Nancy’s sister Jill (Jennifer Jason Leigh), in yet another FBI interview video. Jill is divorced now and sculpts for a living. The whole time she talks to the FBI, she works on a vagina. (No way to make that sentence less weird.)

For some reason, Nancy calls the toll-free number from the missing persons’ alert to report she’s seen herself. I don’t know what’s up with that, but she hangs up when the call gets transferred to the FBI. I’m not sure what she’s thinking with that move.

She takes the doctor’s words to heart, however, and vows to find a place of stability for her family. Andy seems to have talked her into moving to Copenhagen – we’ll see. First, though, Nancy wants to visit her hometown. I hope the FBI isn’t waiting for her.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Weeds?