More Yvonne Strahovski in her underwear coming as “Chuck” gets a full season

If you are a gay lady and watch Chuck you know that one of the show’s many, many endearing qualities is its ability to get its super-sexy star Yvonne Strahovski in her underwear and/or a bikini in almost every episode. If you are a gay lady who does not watch Chuck, um, you read what I just typed, right? Perhaps you’d like a visual aid.

And that was all just from one episode – one. So now the news I’m about to share will be even more exciting, Chuck has been picked up by NBC for a full season order meaning everyone can put down the Subway sandwiches and just enjoy the show. The network ordered 11 additional episodes, bringing the full season to 24 – that’s two more than its usual 22-episode order. Guess someone will have to find more lacy underthings to wear.

NBC has been in a pick-up frenzy this week. Earlier it gave The Event (with ER’s Laura Innes), Chase (with The L Word’s Rose Rollins), Law & Order: Los Angeles and Outsourced. The Event and Chase pick-ups are good news for fans of the actresses, both of whom are favorites for past gay roles.

But can we talk for just a second about the atrocious Outsourced pick-up? The half-hour comedy debuted this fall to terrible reviews because, well, it is terrible. Racially insensitive and patently unfunny, it’s also hogging up the time slot rightfully reserved for the much funnier, much missed Parks and Recreation.

Go away, Outsourced. You are keeping me from my weekly Leslie Knope fix. I hate you, I hate you. Go away, forever. Not that I have strong feelings about this or anything.

At least I have more StraHOTski (in various states of undress) and Rose (if they’d give her more damn screentime) to appreciate. What do you think about the pick-ups? And, seriously, how do I get them to put Amy Poehler back on my Thursday nights where she belongs?