Israel will feature lesbian dance partners on its version of “Dancing with the Stars”

Diva magazine is reporting that out TV journalist Gili Shem Tov will be paired with a female partner on the upcoming season of Israel’s Dancing with the Stars (Rokdim Im Kokhavim). Her partner will be professional dancer Dorit Milman, and they will take turns being the lead — aka the traditional male role in couples dancing.

Shem Tov says of her decision:

I have realized that dance is about co-ordination and energy between two people, whether female or male. The challenge to dance with a woman in a public contest interested me because it’s unique and has never been done before.

Because I share my life with a woman and have a family with her, to me this is the most natural thing to do.

This will be the first same-sex couple on any celebrity dancing show, making Israel look quite more progressive than the other 34 countries, America included. Says the show’s producer, Asaaf Gil:

I’m extremely proud to have a same sex couple in our new season of dancing with the stars. Although this was initiated by the celebrity itself; I hope many other territories will follow.

Gili and Dorit will start dancing in January on Israeli’s Channel 2.