MTV gives us a first look at American “Skins”

After a whole lot of hype, a whole lot of cheers, a whole lot of tears and some occasional gnashing of teeth, MTV has finally dropped the first promo for American Skins.




OK, first things first: Hi, Tea!

Hi, group of cheerleaders that is going to be seduced by Tea!

OK, second things second: Your feelings. Of which you have many. If you’re familiar with the first series of UK Skins, that promo looks awfully familiar to you. And by “familiar” I mean “identical.” With the exception of Tea, of course. Because, like we’ve discussed repeatedly, Tea has replaced Teo, who was a replacement for UK Skins‘ Maxxie.

But showrunner/series creator Bryan Elsley assured us that Skins America isn’t an exact copy of the original. There’s plenty of new content, new storylines and new characters. Tea’s episode, for example, will be completely fresh content. And if the show makes it to a second season, all of the content will be original.

In the short promo before the trailer, Skins writer Matt Pelfrey lays it down like this: “Skins … is sex, drugs, friendship and heartbreak. This isn’t a reality show, but it’s easily the most realistic thing you’ll see on TV.”

Seems like he’s right. Remember how everyone has been flipping out about how American Skins wouldn’t have any grit? I saw weed, E, sex and at least one reference to prostitution in that 90-second clip. Well played, MTV!

What do you think of the first Skins America promo?

(p.s. Naomily didn’t happen on UK Skins until generation two. You don’t see them here. Or anyone like them. Nor will you ever, actually, because they were the best ever TV couple from a perfect storm in a perfect moment in time.)