This is Gonna Piss You Off: Who should be kicked out of the “Glee” club?

This is the first installment in a new feature devoted to news that infuriates and topics we fully expect to be controversial. Yes, we know that we’re asking for it.

I know I’m in the minority here, but the unevenness of Fox’s sophomore hit Glee is starting to really annoy me. Don’t get me wrong: I still have love for the show, but considering the pre-Emmy talk of Glee vs. Modern Family in last year’s race for best comedy, I find myself still comparing both shows.

Yes, I know, they’re completely different: Modern Family is a half-hour mockumentary take, while Glee is an hourlong musical dramedy. Every Tuesday I turn my nose up at Glee’s missing plot, but turn to iTunes to download something from the show. And every Wednesday I find myself Tweeting a fantastic quote from Modern Family with an #InYourFaceGlee hashtag.

Yes, Glee is a vehicle for music sales and no matter how many times the show’s writers say story comes before song selection, I beg to differ. If Glee followed Modern Family‘s lead and focused on core characters, maybe the missing plot wouldn’t be so bothersome. And the best way to do that? Eliminate some members of New Directions. That said, here are my suggestions on which glee club members should be expelled from McKinley High and the lucky few who see Slushies in their future so the show stops feeling like a collection of glorified YouTube cover songs.

Finn (Cory Monteith): We get it — Finn may have had too many concussions on the football field. Replace the dim-bulb jokes with more of the sweet guy whose heart and rock ballads give us the chills. We’re still believin’. Verdict: Every club needs a heart.

Rachel (Lea Michele): It’s as if the writers kept Rachel’s most annoying trait — her neurotic need to be the best — and amplified it to the point of almost total alienation. Where does that drive come from? Her gay dads, maybe? Verdict: I’d love a little imperfection.

Kurt (Chris Colfer): The “Grilled Cheesus” episode was a strong exploration into Kurt’s personal beliefs, but as strong as Colfer is, his constant exploration is starting to grow tiresome. Last week’s “Duets” performance of “Le Jazz Hot!” from Victor/Victoria is a perfect example of both of Kurt’s personalities — sweet and innocent one minute, then exhibiting his creepy and contentious relationship with Finn. It’s too much. Verdict: Keep him in check.