First look at Sara Rue as a lesbian on “Rules of Engagement”

We’re finally getting a look at Rules of Engagement‘s lesbian softball player, Brenda (played by Sara Rue.)

Flannel? Check. Beer? Check.

Warning: Minor spoilers ahead.

On the Nov. 8 episode, “Les-Bro,” Brenda chats up Jeff and Audrey (Patrick Warburton and Megyn Price) about their issues finding a surrogate mother before offering to do it for them. Here’s a little bit of their exchange:

Jeff: This whole surrogate thing’s got me all crazy.
Brenda: You guys are still looking? It shouldn’t take this long
Jeff: Yeah, I guess I can’t get into it ’cause the idea of a stranger being such a big part of our lives seems weird to me. I mean, I don’t let a stranger park my car.
Brenda: Yeah, ’cause then you’d have to tip them.
Jeff: They make a salary. But you’re right, I should get on board and hope we can find a surrogate I can stand.
Brenda: I’ll do it.
Jeff: What?
Brenda: I’ll be your surrogate if you want.
Jeff: Dude, seriously?
Brenda: Sure, I actually did it for my sister. I like helping nice people like Audrey. And I’ll make an exception for you.
Jeff: I’d kiss you but I wouldn’t want to get you all hot and confused!
Brenda: Yeah, we probably shouldn’t risk it.

So Brenda is an experienced surrogate mom — obviously it’s the only way she should be having children, which is for other people and not herself.

I actually liked the camaraderie between Jeff and Brenda when they were discussing their softball team earlier in the script, and how her being a lesbian is (so far) a non-issue. But that whole “I’ve done it before” thing makes me cringe, like the script writer figured she’d be more apt to offer it up if she had been there, done that and it’s no big deal.

Will you watch when Brenda appears in November?