Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap — Episode Three

Propped up in bed listening to Ibiza Chill Classics, Frankie tells Jay on the phone that he is a prick but Hayley-the-now-not-so fit-intern is fine. :Later, she goes into the Registry Office to speak to a man called Ralph, to talk about matching up all the pieces of the ‘Who the F–k is Annie Cawthorne?’ puzzle.

Lee: This is my best episode with Frankie yet. I kind of like that she just gets stuff done.
Sarah: Ruta plays her with such a cold exterior but there are definitely some little chinks of warmth coming through now.
Lee: And although Jay remains a d–khead, I still quite like him. and especially like him and Frankie when they are just hanging out.

Like the diligent worker she is, Cat is working late. Alistair comes over to inform her that they won the contract from yesterday’s meeting. She’s eager-beaver to get started but her glee is rebuked when Alistair tells her that Jay will be heading the campaign. That sly Ally cat tells her this is purely because Cat is such a busy bee.

Later, Cat is venting her exasperation at this situation over a beer in the boozer with her special friend, DS Murray. The DS tries to get Cat to shake her troubles away, but Cat continues to rant over Alistair’s sexist ways, Frankie’s twattish behaviour, and the general crapness of her day.

DS Murray is understandably starting to get narked with Cat’s inability to shut off and just enjoy their time together.

DS Murray: This week alone I’ve seen two dead bodies, I’ve dealt with three grieving families, I’ve been involved in a drugs trade, and I have had more sexist comments chucked at me in a week than you have had in your entire career. Don’t f–king talk to me about stress.

Sarah: One point to the copper.

DS Murray gets her coat, tells Cat to get over herself and walks out leaving her dumbfounded by the unexpected barrage.

Tess is drinking wine in her pyjama trousers, telling Ed about all the wondrous things that Crusty has, and lamenting that she would just like one thing to be positive in her life. Ed, like an absolute diamond, reminds Tess that she has a Vivienne Westwood dress, which draws a smile onto her pretty little Tess face. Just then, she receives a text on her phone.

Tess: It’s her. [reading] “So sorry about last night sweetheart, I’m having a nightmare. Will explain. Miss you. X.” That’s good, isn’t it?
Ed: [lacklustre] Yeah.
Tess: Why are you saying it like that? It’s good.

Tess clings to this as a positive sign from Princess Lou and tells Ed to start up his car engine because they’re off out.

Cat goes to see DS Murray at work and reels off incoherencies that simulate an apology for her selfish, lack of perspective. DS Murray stands up to face Cat and tells her, “Come here,” in a commanding police-officery voice.

Cat admits to liking her police-officery domineering ways and the DS responds well by hoisting her up onto her desk and hauling off her knickers.

Lee: Laura’s face was brilliant in this scene, a look of genuine “arrest me officer for I have sinned”
Sarah: I’m turned on.