Another lesbian to join “True Blood,” along with some more supernatural women

Just when you thought the gayest show on TV couldn’t get any more gay, it seems that it can. No, I’m not talking about Glee or anything remotely to do with Kurt’s upcoming boyfriend story line; it’s GLAAD’s No. 1 Super Gaymo show, True Blood, with the drama’s latest round of casting notices.

According to Entertainment Weekly, vampire vixen Pam (Kristin Bauer), American Vampire League head Nan Flanagan (Jessica Tuck), Queen Sophie-Anne (Evan Rachel Wood), and her girlfriend Hadley (Lindsey Haun) may have some company in their lesbian love boat in the vampire drama’s upcoming fourth season.

One of the five character descriptions released includes Naomi, an Asian-American cage fighter who, when she’s not fighting, gets “hot-’n’-heavy” with one of her female competitors.”

While True Blood’s lesbians thus far have mostly been sparsely used so far, it’s nice to see the show adding another to the L team so that Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) and Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) aren’t having all the fun.

The injection of another strong female character bodes well, and hopefully Naomi’s story line will inspire creator Alan Ball to give Rutina Wesley a story line that restores the strength that made Tara so strong to begin with after her Season 3 arc unraveled the show’s toughest woman.

“She got taken advantage of — she got kind of sideswiped and didn’t know who she was for a minute. I think she’s going to hopefully start to find herself again,” Wesley said at the Scream Awards recently.

Other castings for True Blood Season 4 include Marnie, a palm reader who winds up possessed by the spirit of a real witch — perhaps the Hallow Stonebrook character from Charlane Harris’ fourth novel, Dead to the World; Detective Andy Bellefleur’s legal-eagle sister Portia, who apparently viewers will be seeing a lot of; Queen Mab, a looker with a temper who possibly presides over Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) fairy kingdom; and Suzanne McKittrick, a newbie shapeshifter party girl.

Are you excited about True Blood‘s additions? Which actors would you like to see step into the cage for some girl-on-girl action? Hit the comments!