“Grey’s Anatomy” minicap: “Almost Grown”

In Season 7 Episode 5 of Grey’s Anatomy,“Almost Grown.” Meredith’s voiceover explains that doctors are raised like children. At first they are trained to practice on frogs, then they graduate and practice on dead people and eventually they get to operate on real live people. Doctors start out just like baby birds and, in this episode, they are going to get kicked out of the nest and forced to fly.

The Seattle Grace staff gathers around and the Chief explains that today is different then any other day. The training wheels are coming off and the Residents are going to get promoted (for the day) and become Attendings. Navy blue scrubs are passed out to fourth year Residents only, so Lexi doesn’t get any. Sorry Lexi!

Cristina stares at her scrubs and looks freaked out. I bet she’s thinking, “Navy blue!  I totally look better in red.” Meredith reassures Cristina that she shouldn’t be scared to operated alone. The real Attendings are there just in case she needs help. Meredith says they don’t need to worry because they are just basically playing dress-up for the day. I love playing dress up!  But seriously — with Cristina’s jet-black hair, red is totally her color.

The real Attendings are concerned that the Residents aren’t ready to step into their shoes yet. The Chief says it’s time for the Residents to become real doctors. The Chief distracts the real Attendings by giving them their own assignment; pitching him a million dollar idea on why that money should go to their individual departments. The Chief eggs them on to be competitive and says he “loves a good dog-fight.” Well, PETA and I don’t!

It’s time to check in with the Seattle Grace patients. Alex’s patient is a 13-year old male with breasts who wants to have them surgically removed. When I was 13 ,I looked like a boy with breasts too. Meredith and Avery’s patient is an older female who needs brain surgery. Derek tells the patient and the patient’s friend/partner/lesbian lover (seriously, what is their relationship?) that the Residents or new Attendings are going to operate instead of him.

The Possible Lesbian doesn’t want the new Attendings doing the surgery. She’d rather have an experienced neurosurgeon working on her woman instead. I second that motion!

The Possible Lesbian tells Derek to be careful, “She’s been my life for 40 years.” Seriously, are they lesbians? And why do I care some much?