“Glee” Episode 205 Recap: “Oh, the Horror!”


Greetings. Your regular recapper, Christie Keith, couldn’t be here this week. She had um, a prior commitment that required her attention.

Okay, okay … I hit her over the head and locked her in my laboratory’s freezer. But there was no way I was going to let anyone else recap the Rocky Horror episode.

When I was in high school, I actually got a job at a department store just so I could make friends with the stoners who worked there, just so I could find someone who could drive me to the midnight Rocky Horror screening while my parents thought I was at a friend’s house studying for the SAT’s. Which was totally worth it. Obviously.

Basically, I love this movie, and I love Glee and was curious to see what they’d do with it. I also had ample warning (as we all did) that liberties were going to be taken. But I figured the songs are always so much fun — and it would be so much fun seeing the Glee gang doing them — that all the episode had to do to was not be a total travesty and I’d be happy.

And the verdict? Not a total travesty! Yay, I guess?

Also, I thought it would be fun for a change to recap a show that gets about 800 comments in any given week. Here, watch this …


It’s like yelling “fire” in a crowded movie house. I just got 32 comments just for that. 15 of them loved it, 15 didn’t get why the other 15 loved it, and 2 of them threatened to come to my house and smash my computer. Hey, this is fun! Anyway, onto the recap proper …

And God said, “Let There Be Lips.” And there were. Brittany’s lips, I think, singing “Science Fiction Double Feature,” but I can’t tell for sure. Whoever it is, they have nice teeth. Apparently getting pumped full of nitrous oxide and Britney Spears music while getting orally probed by your guidance counselor’s boyfriend has its advantages.

During the song, the title “The Rocky Horror Glee Show” appears in the same font as the movie, and we even get opening credits featuring the characters’ names. It’s a nice little touch.

Then we segue right into the middle of some sort of Rocky Horror dress rehearsal in the school auditorium. For once, the set actually looks like something in a high school production, rather than the Caeser’s Palace revue extravaganzas that miraculously materialize anytime a character decides to work out personal issues through song.

We see Finn-as-Brad and Rachel-as-Janet doing an okay version of “Over at the Frankenstein Place.” But the background vocals come across as way too Lite F.M., and so far, I’m not too impressed with the music.

Then again, this isn’t really my favorite song in the movie. The best thing about it is that it’s the part where some audience members would put newspapers over their heads, and others sitting right next to them would light lighters, and nobody realized that this might be a problem. Hey, nobody ever said going to this movie made you smart. Or sober.