“Glee” Episode 205 Recap: “Oh, the Horror!”

In the glee room, the kids are talking about Halloween. Asked what she’s going to be, Brittany says, naturally, “I’m going as a peanut allergy.” Best line of the episode right there.

Will makes the big announcement that instead of their usual assignment, they’re going to do a musical. “Please be Evita, please be Evita,” Rachel begs (don’t worry Rachel – I’m sure the Andrew Lloyd Weber-themed episode is coming).

When Will says it’s Rocky Horror, there’s much excitement over this, although Finn mentions he’s never seen it, and Rachel cautions about the show’s adult themes. Kurt seconds this, talking about the outrage that surrounded a high school production of Rent in Texas that forced the show to be cancelled.

Will makes a passionate defense of his choice, saying that this is part of the purpose of the arts … to “push boundaries” and do things people say you can’t do for the sake of “self expression.” Will elaborates that he’s got it all figured out; he’s cut the more racy sections, and he’s going to get all their parents to sign permission slips.

Then they turn to the issue of casting, which in this case amounts to everybody simply calling out the parts they want without any need to audition. They go for the totally obvious, with Finn and Rachel taking Brad and Janet, and Artie figuring he’s got to be Dr. Scott, the guy in the wheelchair.

With things practically casting themselves, Will thinks it’s only natural that the gay kid would be the sweet transvestite. But when he announces this, Kurt takes offense, saying there’s no way he’s wearing heels, fishnets and lipstick. Santana sneers, “Why? Because that look was last season.”

There isn’t much discussion about why Kurt feels this way, but it’s clear to me that it’s not that he’s afraid or ashamed to do it (as I’m guessing some will claim); this is the guy, after all, who did “Single Ladies” in the middle of a football game. I think it’s more that doing drag on stage just isn’t his thing, and it’s wrong to assume it has to be his thing just because he’s gay. Maybe he’s more into being a Riff Raff than a Franke N. Furter, and that’s okay. One of the whole points of Rocky Horror and the dress-up games that went with it was people being given the freedom to act out the parts they really wanted to.

To everyone’s surprise, Other Asian Mike announces he’d like to do it. After his number in “Duets,” he’s feeling more confident. Although I’m thinking that after his number in “Duets” he should really stick to dancing.

Since they’re short women’s roles, the girls will have to double up on Magentas and Columbias. Oh, and one more role …. “[Chord Overstreet],” Will says, “I’d like to see you as Rocky.”

When he’s teased a bit about how little clothing the part requires, Sam assures everyone that you could cut glass on his abs and that he has no problem showing off his body.

You know who does have a problem with his body, though? Finn. When Rachel is rehearsing with him and explains the scene requires they strip down to their undies, he balks at having to appear in his “tighty whiteys” in front of the whole school. “I know I’m a big athlete,” he says, “and it’s not manly, but I’m kind of insecure about how I look.”

Obviously Finn’s body is nothing to slouch at, as we all know from all those singing-in-the-shower scenes. But it’s interesting to me, and I think pretty accurate and a pretty powerful statement, that even someone like him might be made to feel self conscious.