“Glee” Episode 205 Recap: “Oh, the Horror!”

Locker room. Sam, Finn, and Artie are all working out together. Finn says he doesn’t like having to worry about his looks, wondering when this sort of thing happened to guys. Artie blames it on Internet porn, which he claims made it too easy for girls to access porn and ogle guy’s bodies, thereby addling their brains and making them think more like men. Uh huh. Because Internet porn had no effect whatsoever on teenaged boys. And anyway, this whole obsession with male body image is obviously the fault of the metrosexuals.

Finn bemoans all the work involved in maintaining a six pack. Sam helpfully says it’s worth it because it’s the price you need to pay to be popular. Showing up on stage looking like a Pillsbury doughboy is doom. (I don’t know about that; Pillsbury dough has its fans.)

Meanwhile, Will continues with his brilliant plan to put on an elaborate musical in only a week for the noble purpose of getting in Emma’s pants. (A bottle of wine and some flowers might have been easier, just saying.) He asks her to help him out with costumes, and she says she’d love to.

A knock on the door, and Other Asian Mike comes in to interrupt them. His parents read the script, and there’s no way they’re going to allow their son to play “a tranny.” Hey, Other Asian Parents, that’s not P.C.

Meanwhile, a scene with Sue and Becky reveals that Becky shares something important with the majority of gay men in the world … namely, she’s planning on dressing as Sue Sylvester for Halloween. Naturally Sue approves.

Will interrupts with the bad news that without a Frank N. Furter, they need to cancel the show. (This is totally bogus, because he already pointed out they have to double up on other parts so presumably there are still plenty of kids who could have done it, but we’ll just all hold our heads and go “la la la la la” and go along with it. Trust me, it just makes things easier.)

Later on, Dr. Carl shows up at school to show Emma the Frank N. Furter costume he’s got picked out for Halloween. Sue spies this from across the hall and comes running over, demanding they take their “sick perverted sex games out of the school,” adding that people who dress like librarians are “all sex addicts.”

Emma makes introductions (“Sue, how do you do?”), and Dr. Carl explains how he’s a huge Rocky Horror fan. This gives Sue an idea how she can save the show and still get the underhanded expose that will win her an Emmy. She asks Carl to take over the role, explaining how endangered the arts are at their school; without arts, she says, kids do drugs, and on drugs, they lose their teeth. In fact, 70% of the teeth in the school are wooden.

Will at least thinks Dr. Carl needs to audition for the role, which leads to the sight of Dr. Carl thrusting his pelvis in the faces of a group of teenagers while singing “Hot Patootie, Bless My Soul.”

It’s actually a terrific number. Stamos has a great voice, and they wisely highlight the show’s two best dancers, Brittany and Other Asian. By the end of the number, everybody is up and dancing, and this comes close to how the movie makes me feel, like I just want to be up there dancing along with everybody else.