“Glee” Episode 205 Recap: “Oh, the Horror!”

Afterward, though, Sue, as she is prone to do, is a total buzzkill. She says they don’t need an Eddie, since she wrote that part out, but they do need a Frank N. Furter. Dr. Carl, though, thinks that while he likes to get his “freak on” wearing the bustier in the privacy of his own home, doing it on stage in a high school show is “inappropriate.” At least Eddie, he points out, doesn’t have to grind against the other characters.

Will starts getting into a bit of a pissing contest with Carl over not directing his show for him. But then Mercedes steps in and says she’d like to be Frank N. Furter. Like the script itself says, “Don’t dream it, be it.” She’s dreamed of doing a lead part, so why not let her have the role.

BTW, even though this means the sweet transvestite is now being played by a woman, I totally approve of this casting. To me, it’s very much in keeping with the spirit of not only of the movie, with it’s “don’t dream it, be it” message, but also the spirit of the cult screenings, with the people who showed up in costume doing lines of dialogue and put that “be it” message into action.

First dress rehearsal. The kids are getting all diva-ish about their clothes. Finn requests permission to keep his clothes on for now and do the tighty whiteys on opening night. Sam, finally in the gold lamé shorts, asks if he could instead wear board shorts. The lamé is so tight, he’s worried people can see some “nuttage.” I’d say they might also see some “weenage,” and maybe even some “prostateage,” not that I’m complaining. Will tells them there’s no time for changes right now, and they just need to keep going.

Mercedes comes in as Frank N. Furter and does “Sweet Transvestite” and she just kills it. Which is why it also just kills me – kills me! – that they changed the lyrics and switched out “transsexual Transylvania” for “sin-sational Transylvania.” Even with the explanation we’re given earlier of having to tame down the show’s content for the school setting, I’m baffled why this particular word would be an issue. (And if this is a cut that was required by the network, I’m certainly baffled why it’s okay to say “tranny” but not “transsexual.”)

Just when Mercedes finishes, leaving us shivering with antici – say it! – patience, Dr. Carl, as Eddie, crashes through on his motorcycle. Will chastises him for entering two acts too earle, claiming he’s supposed to crash through in the dinner scene, which, not to get all comic-book-guy about it, but … no. Just … no. In the movie, he’s dead at the dinner party scene, so there’s no way that’s supposed to be when he enters.

After rehearsal, Will takes Carl’s bad entrance as an opportunity to approach Emma and tell her he thinks Carl isn’t working out. Emma says she thought he was perfect, so Will bolsters his argument by saying he now agrees with her, that some of these parts are too adult. She totally agrees, mentioning how uncomfortable Sam seemed in his outfit.

Will agrees too! So much so that he’s now going to humbly take the part of Rocky himself and spare Sam the embarrassment. What a great guy, huh? Because a teacher dancing on stage in nuttage-showing shorts is completely appropriate.

Will says he needs Emma’s help rehearsing the part, particularly with the “Touch-a, Touch Me” number. She agrees, apparently not finding it strange that he needs help with a song where the only thing he really has to do is say “creature of the night” while grinding his crotch into her chest.

But it gives an excuse to give us “Touch-a, Touch Me” this episode, which I approve of, although I have serious mixed feelings with the results. This is one of my favorite songs in the movie, and I think it’s inclusion in this episode evidences one of the things Glee does at its best – taking familiar songs out of context as a way of showing us interesting sides to the characters on the show.