“Glee” Episode 205 Recap: “Oh, the Horror!”

So I thought it was really clever here to have a character with a notorious aversion to touching or being touched sing this song. Also, Emma rarely sings on the show, and she actually has a decent voice, and it was really fun to see her let loose that sexiness that’s so often kept buttoned up. I also liked how they had Brittany and Santana, not in character, still providing the Magenta/Columbia voyeurism.

But changes in the lyrics here made me even crazier than the “sin-sational” business, with “heavy petting and seat wetting” toned down to “fretting.” Of course, it’s okay that we see them actually heavy petting and a whole lot more. That’s okay, apparently, but saying the words, a big no no.

Anyway, Emma winds up tearing off Will’s shirt but then runs out of the room.

Back in the weight room, Sam reports to Finn that he’s not playing Rocky any more. He wonders if it was because he made a fuss over his shorts. Finn fears he’s screwing up his own part by making a fuss over the tighty whiteys. Sam assures him that the part of Brad is not about being hot but having confidence in “who you are and how you look no matter how douche-y you are … just be you, and the sexy will flow through.”

Use of the word “douche-y” aside, it’s actually sweet to see the two of them confide in each other about body issues this way. Sam’s advice gets through, too, because Finn leaves feeling more confident and ready to show off his goods.

Another rehearsal. It’s the “Janet!” “Dr. Scott!” scene, but Finn isn’t there, so Will keeps doing Finn’s lines as well as his own. It’s totally annoying, only made tolerable by Sue’s continued interruptions commenting on how terrible and implausible the whole thing is.

They don’t know why Finn isn’t there, until Principal Figgins summons Will to his office to explain.

Finn has been suspended for walking down the hall in his undies. We get a flashback glimpse of him doing this, and sadly they’re not actually tighty whiteys but boxers (booo!), and we see his jocky classmates being just as friendly and supportive as you’d expect high school kids to be about this sort of thing.

Finn explains that he was just trying to get comfortable with his character. But Principal Figgins doesn’t mess around when it comes to suspension and wants to keep him out for four weeks. Will reminds him about how during a school-approved Cheerios celebration, Santana pantsed Brittany, who was wearing a lot less than underwear, so there was precedence.

Figgins agrees to give Finn a warning. But then he questions Will’s motives for doing the show and warns him that he’s putting his reputation and the club itself on the line and should be ready to face any potential consequences.

This brings us full circle back to the opening of the episode, when Dr. Carl interrupts rehearsal and asks if Will is messing with his woman. Apparently Emma went running to him and blabbed all about her little “Touch-a Me” moment with Will.