“Rizzoli & Isles” Retro Subtext Recap (1.04): See Jane go to college

It’s just another average work day at the Boston Police Department. Det. Jane Rizzoli is looking over some evidence with a co-worker when Dr. Maura Isles walks in with a group of texting schoolgirls. At the sight of the children, Jane utters what many a non-parent gay lady utters at the sight of children. “Oh, crap.”

It’s Maura’s annual career day where totally disinterested students who would rather be at TweenBeat magazine get dragged into the police station instead to learn about the glamorous world of law enforcement. The kids are, like, so over it until they hear a shooting is in progress. Then they perk up. See this is what happens when you let kids watch those violent television programs and listen to that demon rock and roll music.

The shooting was at Boston Cambridge University, Maura’s alma mater. On the way there, Jane and Maura have to stop to pick up Mama Rizzoli who is stranded by the side of the road. She starts complaining before the car door even opens and Maura gives Jane the “Oh, honey, you owe me big time for making me deal with your mother”-look.

Once at the college, they leave mama in the car and go to survey the scene. Gosh, I hope they cracked a window. Walking across campus, Jane says she feels out of place at universities because she only went to junior college. Wow, that is such excellent processing material for these two. I mean, this could be a whole week of long, torturous conversations about each other’s feelings on educational attainment, innate intelligence and social status. Maura reassures her right away.

Maura: Jane, you know so much.
Jane: So why doesn’t it feel like enough.

At the scene a young woman has been killed and the campus cops are being useless. Mama Rizzoli sneaks out of the car to take a peek and is overcome with the senselessness of it all. So Jane escorts her away. Then the victim’s best friend runs to see her body and is overcome with the senselessness of it all. So Jane escorts her away. Are we sure Jane isn’t really with the fire department because she is putting out fires all over the place.

Also, is it terrible that even though Jane is comforting a bereaved young woman, I feel like all her hugs should be for Maura only?

In the girl’s dorm room, we learn she played soccer and studied a lot from the helpful RA – or resident assistant as Det. Frost too helpfully informs Jane. Uh oh, make that two weeks of processing on this topic now.